Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My Book I've been reading

     My Book that I've been reading is called "The Maze Runner Deatn Cure," a dystopian type book written by James Dashner which has a total of 324 pages. The book is about a virus that has wiped out many people in the world while a group called WICKED tries to find a cure. So far in the book, the main character Thomas and his friends Minho, Newt, Jorge, and Brenda have escaped the head quarters of WICKED and are in Denver right now. WICKED's methods to find the cure are extreme by throwing what they call variables at the teenagers because some of them are immune and WICKED grabbed them, then threw them into a Maze and Scorch Trials to see how the people who are and the people who aren't immune react to the situation. Now, Tomas and his friends are talking to Gally, a old aquitance who has a bad back story with Thomas and his friends to try to talk to them about how the world is slowly dying out. That is in conclusion what is going on in my book.

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