Friday, December 23, 2016

Winter Over Break Work

(I had to talk about all the books before it so people can understand it. It said I wrote 499 words, therefore I am okay with the minimum word count needed for the Over Break Homework.)
          My Book is called "The Maze Runner Death Cure," a dystopian type book written by James Dashner. This is the third book out of four so far. In the first book we learn about the main character named Thomas who is immune to a disease called The Flare which has almost wiped out people worldwide. There is an organization called WICKED,  who's purpose is to find a cure to this disease. In the first book we get introduced to our main character Thomas, as well as the Maze. In the maze there is one area that is the "safe-zone" where they basically eat sleep, and do their chores and what not. Only boys are in the maze though but their not alone. There are creatures that kill the people... these creatures are called Grievers. Everything is okay until one day a girl is dropped into the Glade (what the people called the area) and things go crazy. First the sun disappears, the walls then won't close therefore letting and allowing the Grievers to come to their safe zone, this is what the people called the End which is when they decide to try to escape once and for all. We also get introduced to more characters but that doesn't matter because they both die off later on trying to escape in which few of them do. The few of them escape, they meet WICKED, people break in into Wicked's lair and kill most of the people there except for Thomas and his friends. They rescue them, Thomas and friends are now outside if the maze. That was all what happened in the first book in little detail. On the second book they go to a refugee camp like area. In night we the readers see what they later on call Cranks which is a zombie like person that is the outcome of the virus FLARE. The people who rescued the died by these Cranks. Thomas and friends then go and get the girl with whom they've met before who's name is Teresa. She wasn't in her refugee camp, instead of a kid. We find out later on that WICKED had two exact same mazes, but the only difference is that one maze had all girls but one boy, and the other (Thomas's) had only boys and one girl. They go through the Scorch Trials, they make it to the safe heaven. That was what happened in vague detail in the second book. In the the third book... we find WICKED's true hideout. We find out that everything before that was all part of WICKED and they planned it all. Everything reaction and action. Thomas and friends escape and are going to Denver to take out a chip that they all have that makes it so that WICKED can't find them and manipulate them. In Denver they know a guy that worked with WICKED before then he quit and will be willing to help them take out the chip.

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