Friday, February 17, 2017

Blog Post #4

Page 317,
                    "He shouted her name again, in his mind he saw Chuck, falling on the ground, covered in blood, and Newt's bulging eyes. Three of the closets friends he'd ever had. And WICKED had taken them all away from him."

                    I picked this paragraph because this is some of the most "important" moments in Thomas's life. His friend Chuck death was in the first book, Thomas grieved even more because he promised Chuck that he would see his mother. Chuck's death was to protect Thomas. A knife was being thrown at Thomas, and Chuck jumped in the saved Thomas's life by ending his own. Newt's death was in this book, it was when he was in a Crank-life Stage where he was going to pure pain by not being able to keep his Sanity due to him being affected by "The Flare." Newt begged Thomas to kill him, so that he wouldn't be living the life he had, he didn't want to be a full on Crank. So Thomas shot Newt, and told No one, because he couldn't even look at what he had done to Newt. "Her name" was Teresa. This also happened in the same book. The maze was full of explosions, pieces and chunks of the roof was just falling all over the place. Long story short, she dies by pushing Thomas out of the way of a huge chunck of roof falling onto him, so Teresa dies saving Thomas. These are the reasons of why I picked this passage.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

5 Questions that popped into my head while reading the books...

  1. Did "The Rat Man" know he had the flare?
  2. Did "The Right Arm" want to stop WICKED or destroy WICKED?
  3. Did Teresa follow along with WICKED because she didn't want to make the sacrament?
  4. Who knew about the final Sacrifice?
  5. Did Tomas truly become a murdere?