Thursday, March 16, 2017

Blog Post #6

Definitions- Choose five unfamiliar words and define them.  If you know all of the words: find five words that you find interesting, define them, and describe why you think they are interesting

1. Word: Kaleidoscope
       Page #4
         Definition: Constantly changing pattern or sequence of Objects or Elements

2. Word: Amnesiac
       Page # 7
         Definition: Partial or Total loss of memory

3. Word: Ravines
       Page # 12
         Definition: A deep narrow valley

4. Word: Throttle 
       Page # 14
         Definition: Attack or Kill by choking or strangling 

5. Word: Satyr
       Page # 20
         Definition: Half goat half man creature from Greek Mythology 

6. Word: Fuan
       Page # 20
         Definition: Half Goat, half human creature from Roman Mythology.

7. Word: Ventus
       Page # 21
         Definition: A storm spirit

8. Word: Brandished 
       Page # 120
         Definition: Wave or Flourish

9. Word: Solstice
       Page # 125
         Definition: When the sun has reached the highest or lowest point in the sky at noon

10. Word: Hearth
       Page # 1281
         Definition: Floor of a Fire Place

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