Friday, May 12, 2017

Blog Post number 8

Literary Term Entries:

     Narrator/ Point of View:
          The Narrator/Point Of View in the Book "The Lost Hero," it's first person, and the narrator changes from chapter to chapter, the narrator of each chapter ranges from Jason, to Piper, to Leo. I say this because the narrator(s) use words such as the word I. It's also first person because you can see well... "read" the character's thoughts.

     Mood: The sorts of emotions that are giving to me in "The Lost Hero," are heartwarming, sympathy, joy, anger, disgust, romantic/romance, and in makes me stay in awe. I say this because it heartwarming and so romantic when the main characters interact. For example, the authors uses actions and words so powerful that make you feel like they're going to be a "thing." Sympathy because Piper is going through a tough decision that makes her pick between her friends or her dad. Anger and disgust because of the Cabin Leader that tries to make Piper's Life tough. I makes me stay in awe when the battles begin. For example, Leo fighting 3 cyclops and defeating them while still being able to save Jason and Piper.

     Tone: The Tone of the author in the book "The Lost Hero," was a mix of feelings. From anger to joy. I say this because in the Piper and Drew interactions, the author added drama and anger. Joy in when the three main character's interact. It's either from in the beginning when you get introduced into the new characters, and from when they all escape the cyclop's "attack. These are some of example in the tone of the author, ranging depending on the events.